The Art Effect

The Art Effect

I was, well the “artist” in my family growing up. I used to have a collection of stickers on the inside of my book cabinet I had painstakingly collected over years and spend many hours copying those designs on paper. I often babysat my younger cousins and in exchange for their “Good Behavior” I would gift them each something I have drawn out – my version of “art”. It worked – most of the time!

Then life takes over and as many others, I never looked back at the cabinet or my “art”. Till I met Jessica that is. I interviewed her for the “What Women Want” series and immediately got on. To my delight, I found out that along with taking on commission work for big art galleries across the globe, she holds art workshops – right here – in Dubai!

After much procrastination, I decided to sign up! I must admit, I was super nervous. I was wondering what I was thinking! It was different as a child right, no one has any expectations from you and often the praise is biased. No one tells a child “erm exactly what is it that you’re trying to do here?”.

Turns out I was stressing unnecessarily! Jessica had a wonderful set up and the other women who attended were amazing! Each helping and encouraging each other! And this time the praise wasn’t biased! It reiterated the fact that art is subjective yes, but art is beautiful!

We did a workshop on Mono Printing with Paint and Ink. I used tools I never have before and methods I have never heard of before the workshop. They sounded daunting when we began, but was so interesting that often we couldn’t wait for Jessica to finish her demo before starting on ours! We were also so eager to get back to our “work stations” after a delicious lunch, which is generously included in the package. We ended the session with Jessica telling us what she thought of our prints, and we each left with “souvenirs” of what I think was a perfect way to spend a morning.

The workshop left me completely destressed! I slept for an hour after the workshop and woke up feeling refreshed! I think the problem with most of us is that we think of art as say a Picasso or nothing. Any reference to the term “art” pops an image of paintings on a wall, sculptures in a museum and often something we appreciate but don’t quite understand! This is hugely because art is so subjective, so personal. It is not just the interpretation of the finished work that differs, the entire process of “creating” art varies really. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to art, because often it is our moods and preferences or liking to a color or style that takes over.

We forget how much we enjoyed it as kids. It is fun, and should be taken on as that! It is the most required break from routine honestly. If you are looking for something different to do – give it a go. If you are an artist wannabe like me, looking for inspiration to get started – give it a go. If you have had a stressful day/week/month – I urge you – go ahead, give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Jessica can be reached at +971 55 4468017, details on her workshops can be found here and on Facebook and Instagram. Her next workshop on Water Colors is on Wednesday May 3, 2017. Head out to her website and register well in advance as space is limited!

Image Credit – Chloe Lodge Photography

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