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Oh umm. There you are! Hi! This is Harshika!

I know this is lame! I mean I am supposed to have a way with word right? I mean I “profile” people (in a not so criminal sort of way, more a linguistic sort of way – if that makes sense?) all the time but when it comes to re writing my introduction I draw a blank! How typical!

It’s also the reason why I decided that I needed a rewrite in the first place! I have this tendency to write and forget! So I’ve actually had people come up to me and say “oh I loved what you wrote for The Gulf News” or “how do you manage writing in Hindi” or “one of your articles on the Overseas Singaporean Unit Portal has been picked up by a leading publishing house in Singapore”.

I momentarily pause to try and find an appropriate response because “I have no idea what you’re going on about” does NOT cut it close! I thought if I “document” them, then maybe I wouldn’t be so lost! So here I am trying to give my page a “professional” look, and hopefully it passes off as my resume of sorts – though I have been told that my site does speak for me. See another thing I need to “document”.

So this is my attempt at “showcasing” what I do. Or did. Because, you know, predicting the future isn’t exactly one of my super powers!

I have written for various digital platforms with very diverse audiences. My pick of the lot would however be,
– Mycity4kids, which started of as a microblogging site out of India, now a massive influencer in its own right was a space where my articles were first accepted, loved and shared – over and over again.
– ExpatWomen, a God sent platform connecting women globally was among my “first” outside of India. I contribute regularly to help build their Singapore Chapter.
– My “Moment de fierté” was when the Overseas Singaporean Unit welcomed me onboard as one of their “Scribblers”. I have so far written two articles for them, which gave me the honor of representing a huge diaspora, namely the Singaporeans living overseas at the “International Friendship Day Exhibition” held at the Singapore Discovery Center. It makes it that much more special with one article gets picked up by a leading publishing house, The Straits Times, in Singapore for a repost!

We live in a digital age there is no doubt, but there is nothing like seeing your work in print. On actual paper, immortalized with ink.
– And I shall forever remain indebted to Saffron. That article still remains closest to my heart.
– My internship with Friday taught me a great deal, but mostly it remains memorable because of that one edition that went with two of my articles (though I have written more than two for them).
– Saving the best for last – I am a regular contributor at the “Buland Prajatantra“, a fortnightly newspaper in Hindi which is distributed across 12 states in India. They picked up something no one else did – my love for travel and my even bigger love for sharing the travel experiences! Thank you so much for officially making me a “Travel Writer“. From India to Norway, from Singapore to the Maldives, I have it all covered!

Besides this I write for myself. I love to write about me, my life and well my experiences – travel or otherwise! I am told my posts are relatable, real and one they would seek out to read. I am thankful that I do have a “readership” that misses me when I don’t write, or wonder why they haven’t heard from me. I take it as a good sign 😊 People like what I write as opposed to scrolling through or worse falling asleep!

I run a digital magazine too, it’s all for non profit of course, with contributions from actual “experts”. The content and design I am told is better than any magazine in the market! “Classy” is one term that is often used, “Informative” another. Just like my blogs, I strive to keep the magazine real, relatable and clutter free.

Did I mention that I have written a book too 😊 Well I did, and I received some really amazing reviews, but a couple that stood out for me have been by complete strangers reaching out to me, saying that they love the book, my writing and everything I stand for. “Inspiring” was a word commonly used. Thank you all so much. And though I refrain from using the term “Influencer“, it is very humbling to know that I could have had any influence in your life!

When I confessed that I was an “Unmumsy Mum“, someone up there decided that it needed to change! What better a reversal than having to run and manage the UAE chapter of a Mommy Group that has over 50,000 Moms effectively adding the “Ma” to Kar”ma”!

Well look at that! We’re at the end of the page! Not too shabby a job if I say so myself! Well go on now, I shall leave you to browse through my “Virtual Home”. I hope that you enjoy your stay ❤️

Lots of Love

Harshika Daryanani