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China Compressor Gear On-line Market Top quality, Greatest service,Reasonable price. The strain that the barrel can face up to (13.77Mpa) is bigger than the pressure developed by the screw thread for oil extraction (6.80Mpa). This press, as opposed to the friction one differs for an electrical motor straight mounted on the flywheel, within the upper aspect of the machine, that rotates the screw.

AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention; Compare with friction screw press refractory friction screw press manufacturer; Intermediate gearings akin to no frictional disk, transverse axis promptly don’t want intermediate drive, and driving-chain is short; Should not have the friction band consumable accent on the friction screw press but, would not have frictional dissipation and put on downside in the frictional drive.Evaluate with hydraulic screw press, do not need Hydraulically Operated Equipment sophisticated, that have comparatively excessive expectations, would not have the hydraulic fluid leak contaminated environment and the hydraulic fault drawback happens.Therefore, the present invention is easy in structure, and elements are few, and driving-chain is brief, and the components loss is little, and is easy to fabricate, and cost is low, and is straightforward to operate.

The second generation of electrical screw press consumes excessive power, wants high motor power and excessive failure price for a similar tonnage of impression force. The high-velocity blow is properly suited for precision forging and the transient die contact closing dates the heat switch to the dies which might enhance software life.

The machine is protected by a photoelectricity protection system. AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention will devour complete power of flywheel in a forging process, that is to say, the every strike, and the whole vitality of flywheel all will be used for materials deformation.

Hydraulic forging presses are rated in line with the maximum drive they develop. J55 Series Clutch Sort Screw Press is a excessive-efficiency, saving energy, new type and universal electromechanical hydraulic integration metal forming machinery. 3. electric screw press in accordance with declare 1 is characterized in that screw (9) and slide block (10) are fixed together, and are threaded connection the lower finish in screw mandrel (5).

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