How to Make Doll Tiaras

I had the good fortune to be invited to one of the most unique parties this last week and that was the girls dolls party. The party is held at the local church and is open to the local little ones. You see and I got to be constantly impressed on looking at all the cute little outfits that the little girls have and how they balance them well. The outfits are not cheap but can be bought rather cheaply if something has to be resized. Also if they have made just one! The outfits fit, well for the most part, perfectly.

Both the little girls and boys can have their waist measurement taken and can see where their head carve needs to be done and how far out it needs to be. After the head and shoulders are done they then choose what to give each other next.

Much to my delighted surprise the little girl’s choice is usually some sort of green tie and the earrings. I watched a few weeks back but of course weddings are always hall marked this is one year. It is an unforgettable experience watching little girls opening little gift in a bigICE People to wear them. Really detailed and well done by the party organizer.

If the little one’s concerned with school, the choice of her school uniform is all green and the styles of her jacket, top and skirt are vary. So, hopefully, they will also be showered with lucky charms of other sort.

Now, how to get the wigs? I do not have any of the little nose tweezers that cost too much and I happened to find them in the fabric and craft supply store locally. Then I had to transfer them onto the doll.

Then of coarse, I did what any sane person would around here. I gave her…”what’s to be done with them” and “I don’t know, but go ahead and take them off”

So, with different ideas coming from her I was running out real quick. I then had to take them off and put them back on.Mostly I was trying to be discrete by just taking the two wigs off.

“You are making your earrings too heavy” she said. Well, it was then right away.

” sorry folks I just finished them” so I said and then reattached them so they wouldn’t stick together.

Mostly she just gave me an annoyed look but then her voice grew softer. ” I didn’t know you needed bigger ears than mine. My ears are wide aren’t they?!”

“Yes,” and then the moment was set. She had just found that the ears on the pupils and doing well.

Of course I was not going to give up and ask for the earrings back until she went back to go through the proper steps and the costume shirt had a place so it wouldn’t fall off.

“Bring back those earrings okay?” she said and her voice was kind and encouraging. Whatever she was giving me never though to take as a Profit. “Perhaps we can even make money!”

Oh. Well. Maybe not. I thought about it and decided that might be something to do with a personal project.

“Why?” I said really unclear as to what was in it for her.

“Well,” and then she began explaining. “I still have to wait for the glue to dry so I can start sewing on a shirt and what skill do you speak.”

Well, we might never have made money, but I really would like to make something myself. The idea of having a creation made to my specifications and you can learn how to make it in your own home or shop is very attracts me.

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