Innovation of international trade under electronic commerce


Since the 1960s, the rapid development of the computer industry, e-commerce came into being. E-commerce as a new means in international trade, in the traditional means of trade to produce a fierce impact at the same time, but also to promote the development of international trade to the direction of information technology, to promote the sustainable and healthy development of international trade.

Overview of e-commerce and the current situation of international trade

  1. Overview of e-commerce

  E-commerce is a new business operation mode, mainly in the global trade activities, in the context of open Internet, the use of browser or various applications for commercial and trade activities, so that consumers in the case of not leaving home for online shopping, online trading activities, online electronic payment and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities.

E-commerce is mainly a business activity conducted by using microcomputer technology and network technology. With the continuous progress of science and technology, Internet technology is widely used in trade activities, enriching the form of e-commerce and promoting the long-term development of international trade.

  2. The current situation of international trade

  Since entering the 21st century, the world’s economies have developed more rapidly, and the economic exchanges between countries have become increasingly close, the total amount of international trade is on the rise, and the division of labor in trade has become more refined.

Trade in services is rising year by year, trade in goods is still the most important part of international trade, trade is becoming increasingly integrated, international trade is deepening, and the pace of economic globalization is accelerating.

The characteristics of international trade under electronic commerce

  International trade under e-commerce and traditional trade has qualitative differences, the biggest difference is that international trade under e-commerce is a virtual market, e-commerce trade breaks the geographical limits of global trade and time constraints, accelerating the economic exchanges between countries around the world.

Merchants and customers more digital technology for business transactions, international trade in the emergence of more and more virtual companies, international trade companies more strategic alliances to form public virtual companies, the use of online business approach to commercial trade activities, accelerate the speed of dissemination of goods and information, but also to promote the real commodity trading activities.

Modern information technology tools are widely used in trade activities, mainly in the form of digital electronics, computer systems and other new technology tools to constitute a network service system and build new trade relations.

The traditional international trade is mostly between the entity companies or physical stores to carry out trade activities, this kind of trade transactions, subject to the influence of time and geographical factors, and now with the rise of e-commerce, so that the world trade activities in a whole systematization of the scope, shorten the time and distance of the transaction, expand the scope of the transaction, and promote the better and faster development of international trade activities.

Innovation of international trade under electronic commerce

  1. Innovation in the marketing of international trade

  E-commerce has changed the traditional trade marketing methods, indicating the new direction of development of international trade. Such as: electronic marketing. E-commerce use of the Internet no time and place boundaries, anytime and anywhere you can communicate, convenient and fast characteristics, completely subverted the traditional marketing methods, new marketing technology to understand the needs of customers in a timely manner, and their needs in a timely manner to feedback to the company in order to maximize the satisfaction of customers.

In the e-marketing mode, it can realize the one-to-one trade relationship between businessmen and customers in international trade activities, innovative network marketing mode, strengthen the contact between enterprises and customers in order to better meet the needs of customers, reduce conflicts, save the time of both sides, and enable customers to feel the importance of enterprises to themselves and promote the development of enterprises. The development of various soft marketing activities nowadays attracts customers’ attention by designing various brand stories, so that customers have a general and comprehensive understanding of the product and even the whole enterprise, which in turn generates the desire to buy and promotes the generation of trade activities.

  2. Innovation of international trade

  The international trade mode under electronic commerce has also undergone great changes, there are two kinds of complete international electronic commerce and incomplete international electronic commerce. Complete international e-commerce mainly refers to the use of e-commerce for a series of trading activities such as commodity transaction settlement, to achieve online trading of goods or services.

For example, if the transaction activities of film and television works are carried out online, the complete transaction activities can be carried out without the help of external auxiliary equipment, and the business activities are carried out entirely by using network technology means. Incomplete international e-commerce refers to the commercial trade activities that can not completely rely on online transactions, and need to rely on some external factors, such as online goods transactions, although the purchase and payment of goods can be carried out online, but the transportation of goods still need to rely on traditional transportation to complete the entire transaction.

  3. Innovation of international trade operation mechanism

  The use of electronic technology has accelerated the flow of information and commodities in the operation of international trade, and has accelerated the pace of world economic integration. The use of e-commerce operation mode within the enterprise, to a large extent, optimizes the internal operation of the enterprise institutions, optimize the allocation of resources, and can check the operation of the enterprise management at any time, such as the ability to check the enterprise’s financial and cargo situation, and understand the operation of the enterprise.

The increasing number of electronic companies effectively integrates information resources within the enterprise and in the market, which facilitates business operators to be able to accurately grasp the latest social developments and the internal operation of the enterprise in order to make timely adjustments and promote the healthy development of the enterprise.


  From the trend of social development, e-commerce is a major direction of the future development of international trade, which expands the scope of international trade, injects fresh blood for the development of international trade, adapts to the needs of the times and meets people’s needs.

In the new era, the Internet technology has been widely spread in all aspects of our lives, the use of digital technology tools, continuous innovation in international trade, improve the business model of international trade, and promote the long-term development of international trade.

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