Pitch of the chain wheel 2113 = circuit of the chain wheel/number of chain wheel teeth 5261

Pitch a 4102 by and large alludes to the chain pitch, for example the distance between the chain rollers 1653 focused only. The pitch of the chain is the distance between the two neighboring rollers on a similar side of the transport estimated under the pressure of one percent least breaking load, subsequent to wiping out the hole between the rollers and the sleeve, communicated as P.

At the point when the pitch builds, the size of each design in the chain increments appropriately, and the power that can be moved increments in like manner. The bigger the pitch, the more grounded the bearing limit, however the perfection of transmission is low, and the unique burden caused is additionally bigger, so the single line chain with little pitch ought to be utilized beyond what many would consider possible when planning, and the multi-line chain with little pitch can be utilized for rapid and weighty burden.

Chain wheel structure.

The chain wheel with little breadth can be made into indispensable sort; the chain wheel with medium width is made into web type or opening plate type; the chain wheel with huge measurement is made into consolidated design and frequently embraces replaceable tooth ring associated with the center with bolts.

Little breadth chain wheels are by and large made into essential kind, medium measurement chain wheels are generally made into talked plate type, and openings are opened in the spoke plate for simple taking care of, card stacking and weight decrease, and huge distance across chain wheels can be made into consolidated sort, when the tooth ring and wheel center can be made of various materials, like C45, hardened steel and different materials.

Because of the transmission belt work a BaiDuanDu time, will deliver extremely durable zhi long distortion and make the belt free dao slack, influence the functioning capacity of the belt transmission rendition, so need to take the option to fix the actions to guarantee a specific starting force.

Normally utilized tensioning strategies are: change the middle distance, the utilization of tensioning wheel.

At the point when the middle distance of the belt can not be Sprocket Rim Manufacturers changed, you can utilize the tensioning wheel to fix the belt. The tensioning pulley is a follow-on pulley compressed onto the belt to change the point of the pulley or to control the tensioning power of the belt, and is the tensioning gadget of the belt drive.


1, tensioning wheel tensioning differential power can not be too little, too little will cause the belt and the grinding between the functioning wheel to decrease, and in the long run lead to belt slippage. A similar tensioning wheel tensioning power can not be too enormous, too huge tensioning power will make the belt load expanded, bogus round mu lead to belt harm, and simultaneously lead to the work wheel bearing harm.

2, the tensioning pulley ought to for the most part be set within the free edge, so the belt is simply dependent upon single direction twisting, yet in addition ought to be just about as close as conceivable to the huge wheel, so as not to unnecessarily influence the little belt pulley’s wrap point. Assuming the tensioning wheel is put outwardly of the free side, it ought to be just about as close as conceivable to the little pulley. The size of the notch of the tensioning pulley is equivalent to that of the pulley, and the measurement is more modest than that of the little pulley.

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