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There are various heat sources for your choice, which provides great convenience for customers. We supply you the professional refrigeration technical support and electronic technical support for your installation, debugging and operation. By continuing to browse this website, you accept third-party cookies used to carry out user behavior research in order to help us improve current content and functionalities. If the pellet-making unit allows highly calibrated and dense pellets to be obtained (density of around 0.7), the equipment necessary for the pellet-making unit to function is difficult to operate and induces high operating costs. On grounds of safety, pellets must be cooled before final, long or short term storage. This cooling temperature must absolutely be lower than 40 °C, even 35 °C .

Rotary dryer is divided into rotary drum dryer and rotary wing dryer. Then, sludge will be uniformly scattered and make full contact with hot air. In order to achieve good pre-drying, sludge can be further dispersed. After pre-drying, sludge will enter pulse air drying tubes through negative pressure at drum’s terminal for second drying. Then, dried sludge will enter sludge collector and be discharged by discharging valve.

The sludge shaping machines outlet communicates with the inside of the sludge microwave dryer; the microwave generating device is connected to the sludge microwave dryer through the waveguide. The dust collection unit includes a cyclone dust collector, a rotary dust discharge gate, and an exhaust fan. The exhaust fans inlet is connected with the cyclone dust collector through a pipeline.

Screw Sludge Thickener

A sludge drying unit, comprised of numerous peripheral equipment, must be sufficiently ventilated in order to remove the calories produced by the dryer, boiler and pipes. Therefore, condensate from thermal drying has a temperature of between 30 to 95°C. Except in special cases where a drying platform is exterior to the wastewater treatment plant, condensates are sent back to the head of the plant. It is important to cool dried sludge before it is stored in order to limit risks in relation to self-heating.

Half and a month later, he introduced a medium sludge dryer machine from Fote Machinery . The first is newly developed from ordinary rotary dryer with cleaning device, breaking device and others inside. For drying material with a certain viscosity and smaller particle size, single-cylinder rotary sludge dryer is the better choice.

When the damp raw material is fed from one terminal, it is turned over through blades that are distributed inside the cylinder and will be distributed uniformly in the drier and contact fully with the countercurrent hot air. During the period of dry, under the effect of incline blades and hot air stream, raw material can be moved to the star section of drier and discharged from discharged form discharging valve. The suspended solids from wastewater that has been treated will sediment and accumulated to be sludge. The primary sludge is generated from chemical process, while the secondary sludge is generated by biological process. If an additional external heat is used, space requirements are smaller compared to pure solar drying and plant operation is possible all year round even in areas offering only moderate or rare solar radiation. The HUBER Solar-Regenerative Sludge Dryer SRT is able to meet the most different specific customer requirements, whether as a pure solar dryer or all-year-round dryer operated with additional heat.

Taida air swept tubular drying machine can uttermost eliminate harmful substances contained in painting sludge. Also, it is a kind of work which holds strict requirements for environment, temperature and other different indicators. In order to guarantee good quality, painting process has specific requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity and ventilation lighting system. During the pretreatment, coating and drying process, there will be exhaust gas, sewage and waste residues produced. Especially, organic solvent in paints are always flammable and explosive matters that are harmful to people’s health. Without proper disposal, it will not only affect operators’ health and security, but also cause pollution to environment.

In accordance with our company concern that always strives to provide solution, we already helped many industries by supplying machineries/chemicals and assisting the industries to solve the problems of sludge handling. Various industries have ordered our machines and services such as textile industries, chemical industries, food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, palm oil industries, meat processing and many others. The sludge dryer adopts multi-stage purification and dust removal equipment, which meets and exceeds national environmental protection standards and reduces the equipment’s environmental pollution. The liquid sludge can be pre-dewatered in our HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS®. Sludge feeding can for example be accomplished by means of a screw that distributes the dewatered sludge cake at one gable side over the full width of the thermo shell.

It has been widely used in fine chemical, petrochemical, dye industry. The uniformity of temperature, humidity and mixing in the axial range makes the equipment available for heating or melting, or for some solid material reactions. It has been successfully used in the compound fertilizer and denatured powder industries.

The design solids loading rate is 30 to 60 kg/m2-yr (6 to 12 lb/ft2-yr). The basin is loaded over a 24-hour period, and a 1-week resting period is provided before the cycle is repeated. A bed can be operated for up to 10 years before the accumulated residues have to be removed.

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