Volkswagen License Plate Frames

You need to know the exact measurements of the frame to determine if it would support your plates. In addition to the height and length, the thickness of the plates matter as well. State Law Requirements — Go to the DMV website of your state and find out if there are specific requirements for plate frames in your state. If there are any legal requirements, shop for products within that framework. It’s your car, so you don’t need to advertise someone else’s business every time you drive to the dentist. Don’t wait longer and think about buying a new license plate frame.

We’ll keep you fully up-to-date as your order moves through the workflow process so that you know what to expect. Once it’s time to ship your custom order, you can bet that it’ll arrive in pristine condition. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is what sets the Southern Style OffRoad experience apart from the rest. We’re proud to partner with Toyota Dealerships from Bayou Country all the way to Vancouver, Washington, and even into Canada.

This license plate frame is constructed from lightweight and thin aluminum sheet metal that won’t rust or corrode. It features an eye-catching American flag graphic that give your car a little bit of patriotic flare. You can create your very own license plate frame with this personalized product. Choose from one of 12 exciting colors and insert your very own text on the top and bottom of the frame in your choice of 16 fonts. You’ll want to ensure that the license plate you choose is easy to install on your vehicle. Some products come with everything you need for installation, including screws, nut, bolts, and even screwdrivers.

A run through the reviews of cheaper frames claiming to be SS will render complaints about rusting and pitting. For a simple plate holder that gets the job done without frills, the top-grade T304 Stainless Steel Polish Mirror License Plate is for you. It is 1mm thick with 8k steam polish in the front and back and comes with anti-rust stainless steel screws and a metal screw cap.

It took quite a lot of digging, but I eventually figured it out. I bought 50 of them, unsure if anyone would buy them at $40. Each and every product featured here is selected by our editorial staff of car enthusiasts, and anything you buy through our links may earn TrueCar a commission. Although the prices are accurate and items are in-stock at time of publication, offers are subject to change without notice. To make sure products work and fit the way they are supposed to.

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Prices do not include upfits, plows, or other accessories. Price does not include applicable tax, title, license, processing and/or documentation fees, and destination charges. Doc fees vary by state (Rhode Island $399, Massachusetts $399, Connecticut $499). All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. Whether you’re looking for a new Toyota or you are shopping for a used car or truck from another automaker, we have you covered.

Screw caps can hide unsightly screws or provide a more luxe look. Some types snap closed, but there are also security caps that screw on and help prevent license plate theft. One problem is that the screw caps may be difficult to remove, and you may need a drill or other tools to get them off.

We have everything from new cars to ones over 10 years old that are still in tip-top mechanical condition. All of our inventory undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure each vehicle lives up to our standards. This vehicle is available for transfer from another Hendrick Automotive Group dealership. Pricing may not include dealer installed accessories or upfits.

It’s nice and light yet solid enough to protect your registration tags in a powerful car wash. It also features little tabs to hold the plate in place. One problem is the screw covers may fall off over time. Also, the frame lettering is light gray, not bright white, which means the text on these customized license plate holders can be difficult to read from a distance. The color red may also look pink, and some states may have license plates that are a bit smaller than this frame, requiring you to modify it for the perfect fit. As the name suggests, this type of license plate frame features a very thin trim.

Our collection of high quality items are sourced exclusively from USMC licensed vendors and a handful of veteran business owners. Additionally, money spent in the MCRD Museum Gift Shop goes directly back to the Museum to help fund programs that serve your Marine and our veterans. With our exclusive Priority Pass, Austin shoppers get the best car buying experience possible. At CarProUSA we connect you directly to a certified specialist at Austin Subaru. They are available to answer all your questions and help you find the right new car, truck or SUV for sale in Austin.

The product is long-lasting and offers impressive value. The build of the frame is quite remarkable, considering the price. This frame comes in a single package, so you will have to get one more for the front or back of the car. The daisies are beautifully hand painted in white and yellow. The whole frame is then chrome coated to protect the metal and the paint. It has a very appealing textured pattern that looks a lot more refined than the usual black metal frame.

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The frame sparkles and is especially beautiful at night when lights shine on them. Lastly, reviewers like the anti-theft caps that protect their investment from potential theft. It was also too big to fit over my rear license plate, which sits in an indented trough that doesn’t give enough room for a frame. The issue I ran into was that there was a sizable gap between my license plate and the tabs on the bottom that keep it in place, so I doubt those tabs will do much good. Since all license plates are by law the same size, I assume you’ll run into this problem with every vehicle.

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